PerfectDisk Free Defrag

PerfectDisk Free Defrag 1.0

Optimize the performance of your HDDs and SSDs


  • Quick analysis and defrags
  • Simple scheduling
  • Auto-detects SSDs and optimizes them
  • Loads of details about your drives


  • Interface could use some polish
  • Only free for a limited time

Very good

PerfectDisk Free Defrag is a free defrag and optimization tool for hard drives and solid state drives alike.

While there are plenty of disk defragmentation programs out there, like Auslogics Disk Defrag, PerfectDisk Free Defrag separates itself by including the ability to optimize SSDs. What does the program optimize exactly? Well, it's a known fact that SSDs don't need to be defragmented and defragmenting them actually causes harm. What PerfectDisk Free Defrag does is optimizes the free space available to be written on the drive to speed up performance.

We were impressed by PerfectDisk Free Defrag's performance. While the initial optimization was a bit slow, analysis and subsequent defrags were very quick. We also appreciated the amount of detail that PerfectDisk Free Defrag gave us about our drives after defragmentation. The program provided graphs, charts, and details about which files were optimized, letting you know exactly what it did to your files.

PerfectDisk Free Defrag is also intelligent. It automatically detects what type of drives you have installed on your system and will tell you if you need to optimize them or not. If you have a fairly new SSD, chances are that PerfectDisk Free Defrag will tell you don't need to optimize it. If you have an older SSD from a few years back, it may benefit from optimization.

Overall PerfectDisk Free Defrag is a great, free defragmentation and optimization program. We were impressed by its performance, attention to detail and intelligence.

PerfectDisk Free Defrag


PerfectDisk Free Defrag 1.0

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